Nintendo 3DS outsold by DS

Older handheld outstrips 3D console by two to one

Sales figures make worrying reading for Ninty execs.

The Nintendo 3DS has gained quite the cult following since its launch earlier this year. But that hasn’t translated into blockbuster sales figures, with the latest stats showing the old-school Nintendo DS outsold its three-dimensional stablemate by more than 2:1.

While official Nintendo numbers show the 3DS shifted 143,000 in June, the DS sold an impressive 386,000. The latter figure covers all versions of the DS currently available, except the 3DS.

Considering the song and dance made about the glasses-free 3D device, Nintendo will not be too happy to see such returns. It’ll be hoping the launch of the Netflix service on the console in the US, coupled with plans for 3D movies, will help it surge in the run up to Christmas.

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Via TechCrunch