Nintendo 3DS eshop coming June 6th

3DS finally gets web browser and game download service

Two months after release, the Nintendo 3DS finally gets the functionality we've been waiting for.

More than two months since it was released in the UK, the Nintendo 3DS is finally getting the software update that will allow gamers access to the 3DS' own version of the App Store, the 3DS eShop, which launches on June 6th.

The eShop was one of the big selling point of the 3DS when it was announced, and promised gamers re-tooled versions of games from the Gameboy, Gameboy colour and the DS handheld catalogues, as well as movie trailers and details on upcoming releases. Nintendo have also promised in a press release that new games and content will be added to the eShop each Thursday.

3DS owners who download the update on the day of release will also get a free 3D version of the original NES game Excitebike, and the first titles available for download include the GameBoy version of Super Mario Land.

Also included in the update is a web browser built specifically for the 3DS, and Pokedex 3D, which lets Pokemon fans view their collection of beasties in all their three dimensional glory, and position them around the real world using the 3DS' augmented reality technology.

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Source: T3 Tech Videos

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