Nintendo 3DS battery life only 3-5 hours

Long and frequent recharges ahead for 3DS gamers

Short battery life and lengthy recharges could spell trouble for Nintendo 3DS.

Along with the grim (and unfounded) murmurs about its 3D screen's effect on your eyes, the other rumour plaguing the Nintendo 3DS' release was that its battery life could never compare to those of its predecessors. Now we can report it for sure: gaming time on a fully charged 3DS will be between three and five hours, or five to eight hours if playing an old DS title on the new handheld.

This puts the 3DS, with its adjustable, glasses-free 3D effect, firmly in last place in the battery life stakes when compared with the older DS models, with the DSi XL clocking in at between thirteen and seventeen hours, and even the original Nintendo DS managing to go at least ten without gasping for a wall-socket.

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata warned of the drop in battery life back in October, saying that "it is inevitable that the Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent charging than the Nintendo DS." Charging which itself takes anywhere up to three and a half hours. Yikes.

The extra juice is required not only for the 3DS' 3D visuals but also for its WiFi connection, which Nintendo have previously said will be used for updating the 3DS remotely and for fighting piracy.

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