New Apple iPad 4th generation launched

All new A6X processor along with Lightning port

The new Apple with Retina Display is the LTE updated version of the iPad 3 which was unveiled just a few months ago and now features a faster A6X processor

Apple have just unveiled the new iPad 4th generation a completely updated version of the iPad 3 by offering new LTE compatability and a Lightning port which was first seen on the iPhone 5.

Apple iPad 4th generation specs:

Specs have remained pretty similar to that of the previous generation release just 6-months ago however there have been some big changes, most notably in the processing department.

The iPad 4th generation has a completely new A6X chip which is 2x faster than the A5 processor and will now beat even the iPhone 5 on processing grunt which has the A6 processor.

Elsewhere the iPad's Retina Display remains unchanged however there have been big changes for wireless performance with the 4th generation iPad now featuring LTE support which will almost certainly result in users being able to get the iPad 4th generation through the EE 4G network.

WiFi has been upgraded with the iPad with Retina Display now offering twice as fast WiFi speeds making it even more capable to deal with the new spectrums.

Apple iPad 4th generation release date and price:

The iPad with Retina Display will be available to pre-order from October 26 alongside the new iPad Mini with the release date being November 2 and will start at £399.