Milton Keynes has slowest 3G mobile broadband speed in UK

Average download speed is 1.73 Mbps in Milton Keynes

And the winner is...

The winning town of the slowest 3G mobile broadband speed in UK is Milton Keynes.

According to research by, the average 3G mobile broadband speed is about 1.73 megabits per second, which is 45% slower than average speeds i other 3G hotspot areas. This speed would take 10 seconds to load a webpage on a smartphone. Or to put it in perspective, it would take over two minutes to download an Angry Birds app.

The next slowest towns and cities are Leicester and Huddersfield. Leicester has an average 3G mobile broadband speed of 2.01 Mbps and Huddersfield 2.17 Mbps.

Peterborough however has the fastest 3G mobile broadband speeds in the UK with an average download speed of 3.86 Mbps.

Alex Buttle, director of, said, "There’s clearly quite a disparity when it comes to 3G connectivity across the UK. Despite the Government and mobile operators tirelessly working to increase the coverage and speed of the 3G service, there is evidently still a long way to go."

He also added, “Ofcom recently unveiled its plans for 4G, the next generation mobile communications technology, with the telecoms regulator announcing that an auction would take place for the right to provide high-speed services to consumers and businesses. Judging by the results of our mobile broadband tests carried out by smartphone users, the networks should probably be trying to ensure their 3G house is in order before they start promoting 4G services."

Top10 carried out tests online between January and March 2011 through which the data for this research was compiled.

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