Kinect uses less than 10 per cent of Xbox 360's processor

Device gets a specs boost a week ahead of launch

Specs get a boon ahead of next week's UK launch

Xbox Kinect lands in the US tomorrow, and people have been queuing up since Monday across the pond to get their hands on it, along with a $150 bundle that’s promised to the first 3000 buyers. Those in line will be pleased at the added bonus that a Microsoft exec has just made bold claims about its prowess.

Alex Kipman of MS has come out as saying that the device will only use a ‘single-digit percentage’ of the 360’s processing power – as opposed to the 10-15 per cent that had originally been suggested.

That’s good news for graphically intensive games, as it means things should still be able to run smoothly no matter how much you wave about in front of the camera.

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Kinect launches on November 10th in the UK, and has already sold out on pre-order at many leading retailers.