iTunes Match: Apple halts UK subscriptions

Gremlins cause problems for music service

Less than 24 hours after iTunes Match launched in the UK, Apple temporarily halt subscriptions after bugs appeared

The iTunes Match service - which scans your music library and makes streaming copies of your songs available from the cloud - has had a pretty shaky start in the UK, with an accidental early launch that saw users signing up to the service before Apple had technically set the service live. Now, just hours after the official launch of the service in Blighty, users looking to sign up to the service were greeted with the message "iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers. Please check back later."

There's no word on exactly what caused Apple to pull its subscription options, but since the service went live users around the world have reported problems with usernames and passwords being declined after sign up. Having troubles signing up to Match? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TechRadar