iPhone FPS Rage game demo boasts incredible graphics

Quake makers id demo stunning upcoming app

The best graphics on a mobile game ever? We'd say so...

Gaming on mobiles, aided by the introduction of app stores, is now big business. While simple, addictive graphically sparse titles have done the most business on the iPhone, there is still an effort from some developers to push the platform to its graphical limits.

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At this years QuakeCon, Quake makers id Software has shown off a demo for its upcoming iPhone first-person shooter title Rage, that will – if you’re anything like us - blow you away. The game engine they’ve developed runs at a frantic 60fps on Apple’s handest, impressively utilising megatextures and dynamic lighting to create graphics that id’s John Carmack claims can outshine anything from the PS2 or original Xbox. Give us some proper controls and we’re sold.

Check out the video below to see how far mobile gaming has come:

Link: id Software, Via TechRadar