iPad app news: Channel 4 launches 4oD Catch Up app

4oD joins the BBC iPlayer in the App Store

App will also be rolled-out for Xbox 360 users.

The catch-up TV revolution is rapidly expanding on to the iPad with news that Channel 4's 4oD service will join the BBC iPlayer as a stand-alone app on the App Store.

Although the app will feature the latest catch-up content from Channel 4, it won't feature the same library of online programming as its counterpart web browser portal. Shows will be available for 30 days after they air.

The ad-supported app is free to download for a limited time and will feature content form Channel 4, E4, and More 4, with the broadcaster hoping to bring the archives to iPad users in the near future.

So if you can't live without a dose of The Inbetweeners, Countdown or Deal or No Deal, you can catch-up with the aid of a Wi-Fi connection and watch as many times as you please.

Channel 4 also announced that it plans to join SkyPlayer on the Xbox 360, on which the iPlayer is yet to set up camp.

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