HTC Ruby leaks as dozens of spy shots hit Flickr

Next-generation HTC handset caught on camera

HTC Ruby leaks as possible addition to the HTC Android smartphone family

A new HTC handset has leaked online with a number of classically blurry spy shots of the mooted HTC Ruby handset landing on Flickr.

Whilst little information can be garnered from the shots which appear to have been snapped within a HTC manufacturing plant in the reflection of a HTC Flyer tablet device, data connected to the images suggest the photographs were taken with one of the upcoming handsets dubbed the HTC Ruby.

With what appears to be a rounded plastic aesthetic the HTC Ruby is expected to be a mid or entry level device with a rear-mounted camera that looks to sport a dual LED flash. It is assumed that handset, like most other HTC offerings, will run Google’s Android OS.

HTC’s current flagship handset the HTC Sensation was today unveiled as the only wildcard entry to make the finals of the T3 Gadget Awards 2011 with the dual-core smartphone going up against the Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II for the title of Phone of the Year.

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Via: TechRadar