HP flexible displays the future of Palm devices

HP: "flexible displays hold possibilities for the future"

Flexible displays to bend their way on to HP and Palm devices

HP’s Vice President and CTO, Phil McKinney opened the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco yesterday with an exciting tease outlining the company’s planned use of flexible displays in future devices.

With HP having acquired Palm in a recent takeover, the flexible displays look like they could hold possibilities for the future of both mobile handsets and tablet devices with McKinney stating: "These are the kinds of display technologies that will change what we think of in form factors, both in products from Palm with flexible displays, and with HP."

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Made up of rugged Mylar-infused sheets similar to those in solar panels, the future flexible displays will, according to McKinney, be able to hold an image without using power much like an Eink device whilst also being able to display video.

The possibilities of bendy screened, battery friendly devices are both numerous and tantalisingly exciting, all that remains to be seen is how, and when, HP can turn this encouraging, teasing announcement into a hardened product.

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