Halo: Combat Evolved to be given HD remake next year

10 Year Halo anniversary gets HD remake

343 Industries replace Bungie for Halo remake

Microsoft is preparing to remake the original Halo title with developer 343 Industries taking the reigns from the departed franchise creator Bungie, new reports suggest.

Games Master has suggested in a recent article that 343 Industries’ first Halo project for Microsoft will be to recreate Halo: Combat Evolved, a title that was first released back in 2001 for the original Xbox console.

Whilst Halo 4 has been pegged with a 2012 release, it is believed that the HD quality, 360-bound remake of Halo: Combat Evolved could touch down next autumn to celebrate a decade of the Halo brand.

The first downloadable content pack for Halo: Reach, the franchise’s latest instalment, was released earlier this week bringing three new map areas to the title released in September.

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