Half of all American homes own at least one Apple product

Study finds that just 49 per cent of American households do not feature an Apple device

A new study has found that half of all American homes own at least one Apple device with 9 per cent playing host to five Apple branded products

Whilst the unparalleled popularity of the iPad, iPhone and iPod are well documented, impressive new figures have suggested that half of all American households own at least one Apple product.

Demonstrating the true scale and breadth of reach of the world’s largest company, a new study by CNBC has revealed that more than 55 million American homes feature at least one of the Cupertino designed gadgets.

Although just 49 per cent of American families have admitted to not owning a single Apple branded product, the majority of those who do own one of the company’s Macs, smartphones, tablets or PMPs have revealed they own more than one Apple product.

“It's a fantastic business model — the more of our products you own, the more likely you are to buy more,” Jay Campbell, Vice President of Hart Research Associates the company behind the CNBC survey said. “Planned obsolescence has always been a part of the technology industries sales model, but Apple has taken it to a whole new level.”

With 16 per cent of those questioned stating they owned just a single Apple product, 12 per cent revealed they had brought two of the market leading devices. A further 13 per cent of the American population suggested they had three or four Apple gadgets whilst a further 9 per cent admitted to owning a whopping five Apple products.

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