Gran Turismo 5 update brings new online game modes

608MB update lands with new 'Seasonal Events'

GT5 on the receiving end of 608MB update

Following a delay hit launch further rocked by a number of emerging issues, ultimate racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 is to be on the receiving end of a hefty update, developer Polyphony Digital has announced.

Available now, Gran Turismo 5 update 1.05 will fill users’ hard drives with 608MB of driving enhancing goodness with new online racing modes, dealerships and rewards points systems set to be introduced to the PS3 exclusive title.

Currently sixth in the UKIE All Format gaming charts, Gran Turismo 5 launched last month following five years and $60 million in development. Since its arrival, however, the long awaited release has repeatedly been criticised for its mixed range of standard and high-end vehicles, poor damage models and online access issues.

One key introduction to the latest Gran Turismo 5 title through update 1.05 is the arrival of ‘Seasonal Events’ that, as the name might suggest, will allow gamers to compete in official online events created by the Polyphony Digital team during seasonal, time-relative points of the year. A new Online Dealership will also offer users the chance to find a variety of popular and rare used vehicles which they are struggling to locate through their own offline dealerships.

Other features introduced by update 1.05 include a new rewards and experience points system for online modes, the renaming of the Red Bull branded prototype vehicle Red Bull X1 to the Red Bull X2010, and a new race information display.

With a full list of GT5 update 1.05 additions outline on the official GT5 website here, we want to know what features you think are still missing from the Polyphony produced racing release? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: GranTurismo