Google's Eric Schmidt to stay for another decade

Google's Schmidt to remain in spite of job change

Schmidt to spend another 10 years with web search giants Google despite stepping down as CEO

Less than a week ago Eric Schmidt announced that due to no longer needing “day-to-day adult supervision” and to speed up decision making, he was to hand over the reigns to Larry Page who would take over as CEO.

However, Schmidt has now declared that he is to spend at least another decade with Google announcing that he was “very excited” at the prospect of extending his stay to 2021.

Now that Larry Page has taken over CEO duties, Schmidt, who was at the helm for the web search colossus’ spectacular ascent, will instead shift his attention to Google’s public image and overseeing deals as executive chairman from April.

One area in particular Schmidt will focus on is governments: “We’ve got very complicated government issues. It’s possible for the government of China to cause us not to work. You never know.” he added.

Schmidt has recently been the recipient of $100 million (£62.5 million) ‘golden parachute’ payment after stepping down as Chief Executive Officer.