Google increases Android apps capacity from 50MB to 4GB

New Android applications to push possibilities of high-end smartphones and tablets

In the wake of the introduction of the first quad-core smartphones and tablets, Google has announced it is to increase Android app size limitations

Google has expanding its Android apps offering revealing it is to up the sizing limitations of its mobile applications and allow developers to craft smartphone and tablet software than runs up to 4GB in size.

Previously capped at 50MB, the new space heavy apps will allow developers to make the most of the increasingly powerful devices available, pushing the possibilities of mobile gaming, image editing and a host of other app offerings along the way.

Making the announcement via its official Android developers blog, Google has revealed the increased app sizes will be introduced in the form of two “expansion files” each one running up to 2GB in size and building on the still 50MB capped APK file.

“Android applications have historically been limited to a maximum size of 50MB,” the official announcement read. “This works for most apps, and smaller is usually better — every megabyte you add makes it harder for your users to download and get started. However, some types of apps, like high-quality 3D interactive games, require more local resources.”

The Google announcement went on to officially declare: “So today, we’re expanding the Android app size limit to 4GB.”

Will the increased app sizes help forward the user experience and possibilities of mobile devices or simply clutter up consumer’s smartphones and tablets at a quicker pace? Share your thoughts on the matter with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.