Google TV to get iPhone control/voice commands

Google confirms Android and iPhone remote control features

Using phones as remotes is not a new feature, but using voice control? This could be interesting.

Google has confirmed that users will be able to control the upcoming Google TV through their iPhone or Android devices, not only that, but through voice control as well.

Talking after the company's closing keynote presentation at IFA, Google's Britney Bohnet was keen to stress just how much commitment is going into the transition of Google TV and Android into TV sets saying "Soon we'll be bringing tens of thousands of the same apps you can get on your mobile phone to your TV, launching support for Android market in early 2011."

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While this is extremely exciting in its own right, it was what Bohnet had to say about the use of mobile devices in conjunction with Google TV that had our interest peaked. Bohnet confirmed that not only would you be able to control the TV through an app on iPhone and Android but you'd also be able to use voice commands.

Talking to TechRadar she said: "Can you imagine searching for a channel using your voice? That's all going to be possible in just a few months." We can imagine, and to be honest, we can't wait. Looking forward to Google TV and Android for TV? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Link: TechRadar