Google TV to be joined by Android TV on Sony sets soon

Sony and Samsung TVs will run Android systems 'soon'

With Apple's own equivalent being announced just last week it seems as though Google is out to make a point, there's more than one kid on the block

Google's Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Google TV a platform being developed in conjunction with Sony and Intel could well be appearing on TV's very soon.

Google TV is essentially a platform that would be bolted onto new TV sets enabling customers to browse the internet, check their emails and watch YouTube all through WiFi or ethernet, both of which are now common components on both high-end and mid-range TV's.

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Its also been confirmed that both Samsung and Sony are contemplating using Android as an operating system for their next range of TV's. Whilst this is a wholly exciting prospect, Google faces a tough climb to get its Android system as popular on TVs as it is on smartphones. Widgets have become increasingly popular on HD and 3D HD TVs, in fact our very own T3 Readers Poll showed that customers actually wanted the internet on their TV more than having 3D.

You may have to wait a few months before you see Android appearing on your next TV, however if Google TV's beta period is successful we can all be watching internet based hilarity on our TVs sooner than we thought.

Link: Engadget