Google to host Android event on October 29

Rumours suggest LG Nexus 4 unveiling

Google has sent out invites to selected members of the press for an Android event to be held in New York on October 29

Many have speculated that the event will see the unveiling of the next Nexus smartphone - widely thought to be the LG Nexus 4.

Google's tagline for the event is a cryptic "the playground is open" message, which could mean we'll see more than one device making an apperance.

Rumours have suggested Google are planning to work with multiple manufacturers for the next generation of Nexus device - with possible Samsung and HTC handsets on the horizon.

Google has been busy over at Nexus HQ as news emerged yesterday of a 32GB Google Nexus 7 making its way over to the UK for Christmas.

The event from Google will cap an interesting few days in the tech industry as Apple is rumoured to be launching an iPad mini next week while Microsoft is unleashing its new Windows 8 OS and Surface tablet.

Google's announcement is slated for 10am in New York (3pm over here in the UK) and the whole event will be streamed live at

via: Engadget