Google Play Store surpasses 600,000 Android apps milestone

Google closing in on Apple as it confirms there are now 600k Android apps in the Play Store

Announced during yesterday’s Google I/O keynote speech, the search giant confirmed the Google Play Store now hosts 600,000 Android apps

Edging in on fierce rival Apple, Google has confirmed that the Google Play Store now boasts an impressive 600,000 Android apps and games, making the milestone announcement during yesterday’s Google I/O Keynote speech.

Google’s latest figures show the success of the Play store, formerly known as the Android Market, with the search engine behemoth closing in on bitter rival Apple which claimed to have 650,000 apps in its iTunes based iOS App Store during WWDC 2012 earlier this month.

Having crossed off another milestone, the Play Store’s popularity means that Google has surpassed the 20 billion overall downloads marker with 1.5 billion Android apps being installed to devices every month.

With paid for Android apps being sold in 132 countries and their free counterparts available in a further 58 nations, Google’s app figures are expected to continue their rapid rate of growth with Apple now firmly on the horizon.

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Words: Samantha Loveridge

Via: Engadget