Google Music has 'share with friends' feature

Google Music will compete for Spotify's social music crown, says a mole

Google Music will allow you to share songs with friends, according to an industry insider. The mole claims Google's forthcoming online music store will compete with Spotify's recent Facebook deal to offer music sharing: once you've bought a song, you'll be able to email a link; friends click through and will be able to listen a number of times for free. Spotify, be warned.

How many times your mates will be able to listen to your purchases isn't clear, nor is how long they'll have before the link expires.

Someone from the music industry who's been briefed on Google Music is quoted as the source.

Google is reportedly paying huge advances to music labels to enable this service. Google Music will also allow offline listening, thanks to caching, said the source.

Google Music is in beta in the US at the moment, and we're expecting a UK launch before the end of the year.

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Business Insider, via Techradar.