Google Glass wearing man removed from US cinema

FBI question man after suspecting he was filming the movie he was watching

A man wearing a Google Glass headset has been pulled out of a cinema in the US and questioned by the FBI.

According to the man questioned, agents from the FBI removed him from the cinema in Ohio on suspicion he was recording the movie.

The incident came to light after the man – who asked to be identified as T.U. wrote to blog The Gadgeteer.

He claims he had gone to the AMC cinema in Columbus, Ohio to watch the new Jack Ryan movie, Shadow Recruit.

In the email, he admits to wearing his Google Glass headset to the cinema, but insists that it was turned off.

He added that the Glass headset contains prescription lens, hence the reason he was wearing the headset in the cinema.

The FBI is the agency responsible for combating film theft in the United States.


According to T.U., an hour into the movie: “a guy comes near my seat, shoves a badge that had some sort of a shield on it, yanks the Google Glass off my face and says ’follow me outside immediately”.

Outside, the agent explained who he was and accused T.U. of recording the movie.

“I tried to explain that he’s holding rather expensive hardware that costed me $1500 for Google Glass and over $600 for the prescription glasses,” he wrote in the email.

"The response was that I was searched and more stuff was taken away from me (specifically my personal phone, my work phone - both of which were turned off, and my wallet).

"I kept telling them that I wasn’t recording anything – my Glass was off, they insisted they saw it on.

“I told them there would be a light coming out the little screen if Glass was on, and I could show them that, but they insisted that I cannot touch my Glass for the fear ‘I will erase the evidence against me that was on Glass’.”

After connecting the Glass to a computer, it became clear he hadn’t been recording the film.

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A spokesperson for the cinema chain has confirmed that the incident took place.

In a statement, the spokesperson said: "Movie theft is something we take very seriously, and our theater managers contact the Motion Picture Association of America anytime it’s suspected that someone may be illegally recording content on screen.

"While we’re huge fans of technology and innovation, wearing a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at the movie theatre.

"At AMC Easton 30 last weekend, a guest was questioned for possible movie theft after he was identified wearing a recording device during a film. The presence of this recording device prompted an investigation by the MPAA, which was on site.

“The MPAA then contacted Homeland Security, which oversees movie theft. The investigation determined the guest was not recording content.”

The incident raises questions over the viability of Google Glass.

Though he did not explicitly say otherwise, T.U. suggests that his Google Glass headset is his only pair of prescription glasses.

The incident comes just days after fellow Google Glass wear Cecilia Abadie was cleared of driving while distracted after she was pulled over and fined for driving while wearing her Google Glass headset.