Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S at Phones 4u

800 handsets land at 100 Phones 4u stores across UK

Giorgio Armani-branded Galaxy S strolls into the party six months fashionably late.

Attention dedicated followers of fashion: we've a new addition to our until-now-comprehensive list of "designer phones". This plucky entrant: a Samsung Galaxy S with a Giorgio Armani case. Well, at least, a case with Giorgio Armani written on it.

What has the Italian guru of haute couture added to Samsung's original design? Well, for one the case is now metal, rather than plastic. For two, the handset itself is a tad less curvy at the shoulders and hips, and incorporates an extra couple of touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom. For three... Nope, us neither. Oh wait, he's added a load of money to the pricetag. Yep, that'll do.

The handset can be yours for £49.95 on a £45.96 per month (!) contract, but with only 800 handsets available, you'll have to be quick to nab yourself a piece of Mr. Armani's take on a six-month-old Samsung blower available for free at £25 per month on O2, Vodafone and Orange on the same website (without the coveted Giorgio-ness).

Actually, given that the last Armani handset is now being sold on clearance at Phones 4u, perhaps you won't.