Free iPads being given away by Apple?

Apple Twitter presence marked by tablet prizes

64GB iPads up for grabs on what could be a genuine Apple Twitter account

Apple is set to give away 100 iPads when its news Twitter account AppleIncNews hits one million followers.

The account which appears to have been created back in January when the Cupertino company first made the iPad official, has not been verified, but 9to5Mac uncovered the account after taking a closer look through the recently verified account belonging to Apple's Senior Vice President Philip Schiller.

Recent Apple news stories such as the Beatles launching on iTunes, and iOS 4.2 arriving for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch link out to official Apple website pages while the October 20th ‘Back to the Mac’ event was also announced via the micro-blogging social networking site.

If it's the real deal, 100 lucky people will get their hands on a 64GB model of the 'revolutionary' tablet device, but as the followers of AppleIncNews currently sits at 70,997, there is some way to go to before the iPads are handed out. We imagine that could well change in the near future.

Link: 9to5Mac