Facebook reaches 750 million users worldwide

Social network adds 250 million users in a year

The social networking giant hits another milestone.

It doesn't feel like a year ago that every phone box, hoarding and bus-side were splashed with The Social Network tagline: "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". And yet - ongoing legal disputes with the Winkelovoss twins not withstanding - Facebook marches on, reportedly having just clocked 750 million users worldwide.

The extra 250 million users have appeared in just under a year - a massive leap in Facebook's userbase. By comparison, after launching in Summer 2004 it took Facebook six years to reach the 500 million mark.

There's still been no official announcement from Zuckerberg and Co. on user numbers since Facebook hit the half billion mark, with interweb speculation that the company may be waiting for the site to reach a billion members.

Users included in the count are restricted to those who have logged into their Facebook accounts in the past 30 days - junk or abandoned accounts are not included.

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