Facebook iPhone app adds unfriending, event check-ins

Facebook answers demands to tweak iPhone offering

If someone gets so annoying you can't wait to get back to your laptop, you can now instantly unfriend them using your iPhone...

Facebook has added a few new tools to its iPhone app with the ability to unfriend people and use Places to check-in from ongoing events.

Version 3.4 of the app is available to update from the App Store now and also showcases an improved news feed and an improved notifications service.

But the bigger news here is that Facebook users will be able to check-in to events they've RSVP'd to using Facebook Events. So if you've been invited to "John's 30th Birthday party," you can appear from that event rather than just the venue it's being held at.

Also in the iPhone iteration of Places, you can view your friends check-ins using Google Maps.

As we mentioned in the headline, Facebook has also added the opportunity to unfriend users, which a piece of functionality users have been demanding for some time.

There's no news on any of this functionality coming to the Android app as of yet.

Link: TechCrunch