Dell Venue Pro incoming in 4 days

Are the delays for the Dell Venue Pro over?

If reports are accurate, we can see the Dell Venue Pro this week.

The Dell Venue Pro has been hit by many delays, but the Windows Phone 7 handset looks like it will be available in the UK in just 4 days.

Online retailer Expansys shows the SIM-free handset will be available in an estimated 4 days. If the estimate is correct, we'll soon have the business slider handset in our hands.

The Dell Venue Pro has a portrait QWERTY keyboard and an AMOLED multi-touch screen, touting the new Windows Phone 7 OS. When the slider is extended, the phone is almost 7-inches long.

The handset also possesses a 5MP camera, a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and all the Windows Phone 7 OS features.

The Dell Venue Pro is available on Expansys for £439.99 SIM-free.

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