BlackBerry PlayBook sales top 250,000 in opening month

RIM's first tablet tops Motorola Xoom in opening month sales

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has racked up strong opening month sales in the US

RIM has sold an estimated 250,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in the device’s opening month on sale in the US and Canada, industry analysts have claimed.

The figures, collected by RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky, suggest RIM’s reported 250,000 opening month sales of the PlayBook have matched Motorola’s opening quarter sales of the recently released Motorola Xoom tablet.

Compiling the sales figures from checks conducted on 180 Best Buy stores in the US, a chain responsible for 84 per cent of sales for the 64GB PlayBook offering, Abramsky suggested the BlackBerry tablet, which went on sale in the US and Canada on April 19th ahead of a June 16th UK arrival, could top half a million sales in its opening quarter.

Whilst Research in Motion has yet to make an official announcement regarding opening sales figures for the PlayBook, a spokesperson for the company declared to T3: “we tend to comment on analyst comments unless we think they're outrageously inaccurate,” hinting at a correct prediction by RBC Capital Markets.

The RIM employee added that at present the Canadian tech giant “doesn't have an official figure.”

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