Apple will rewrite Samsung statement after court ruling

Apple were 'non-compliant' with complex statement

Apple was forced to place a statement on their website saying that Samsung did not copy their designs. Unfortunately for Apple, UK judges think Apple got off lightly

Apple has been told to rewrite its statement admitting that Samsung didn't copy Apple's tablet designs. According to UK judges Apple's statement was 'non-complient' and too complex.

The Courts have given Apple 48-hours to rewrite a statement and have insisted that it should be at least size 11 font. Representatives from the Californian company apparently protested, arguing it would take at least 14-days. They were quickly silenced after one judge said he 'cannot believe' that it would take that long.

This will no doubt come as another huge boost for Samsung and is just one of several big shocks to hit Apple after it was found the company had been missing Wall Street profit predictions for two straight quarters.

Earlier in the week Apple was given a major executive reshuffle after Tim Cook replaced Scott Forstall, the exec in charge of the much criticised Apple Maps. Tim Cook then also let go its Head of Retail John Browett, rumours have suggested this is after there had been reports of mismanagement in Apple Stores.

Source: The Guardian