Apple was offered Kinect before Microsoft

Kinect developer: "Apple is a pain in the ass"

Apple's shot at Microsoft Kinect-style gaming device strangled by red tape.

The technology behind Microsoft's motion-tracking Kinect peripheral for Xbox 360 was apparently offered to Apple first, according to a report on CultofMac.

Before Kinectimals was even a twinkle in Steve Ballmer's eye, the developers of the technology, PrimeSense, were shopping around US companies with a view to taking the technology public. According to the report, Apple was at the top of a long list of names, as PrimseSense CEO Inon Beracha and his engineers felt "it was the most natural place for the technology".

What happened, then? Well, Apple's shot at the kind of sales being predicted for Kinect was apparently scuppered by red tape, and Beracha's enthusiasm for partnering up with Jobs and co. was buried under an avalanche of non-disclosure and privacy agreements he and his company would have had to put their names to. "Apple," says Beracha, "is a pain in the ass."

However, that Kinect-shaped lump of coal in Steve Jobs' stocking is turning into a prize Turkey for Microsoft, whose Xbox Kinect peripheral is expected to sell some 800,000 plus units in the run-up to Christmas.

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Via: Cult of Mac