Apple TV losing 1080p and changing name

Cupertino reverting set-top box to original moniker

Apple TV revamp imminent, major changes afoot.

The gossip surrounding an all-new version of Apple TV just gained some serious credit. It seems the rejigged set top offering is due to land in the next few months, with Engadget scooping a slew of details on the device.

First up, Steve Jobs is said to be ditching the Apple TV name, reverting to the iTV moniker which the gadget was first slapped with on its unveiling in January 2007. That will doubtless get certain TV execs here in Blighty het up, but it’s the other big changes that have caught our eye.

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Word is the system will rock the same A4 chip as the iPhone 4. Annoyingly, this means movies and shows will be streamed to your TV in 720p, rather than 1080p Full HD. A bit of a deal breaker for home movie buffs, make no mistake.

Despite this failing, there’s set to be app access, possibly via a version of the App Store. And the best bit? The price across the pond is said to be just $99 (£63). This could possibly be achieved thanks to the use of a minimal hard drive, a rumour which has previously spread across the wilds of the web.

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Via Engadget