Apple to open outlet in iconic Harrods department store

Harrods is to open in luxurious doors to the Cupertino company behind the iPad

Adding to its Regent Street and Covent Garden locations Apple is to expand its London based retail offerings with a new outlet in Harrods

Apple is set to expand its collection of iconic Apple Store locations with new reports revealing London's infamous luxury department store Harrods is set to welcome the Cupertino company.

Expanding its store-in-store retail outlets that have seen the iPod and Mac manufacturer join forces with retailers Beat Buy and Target in the US Apple is set to bring its new shopping experience to the UK with Harrods its first target location.

New Apple Stores

Playing host to some of the world's most iconic and profitable retail locations the Apple Store Harrods is set to bolster the company's already strong presence in the English capital joining the Regent Street and Covent Garden locations.

Whilst the new Harrods Apple Store location will see consumers able to snap up the latest array of Apple branded tech goodies from an iPad and iMac to MacBook Pro and iPhone, sources within the department store have revealed there will be no customary Genius Bar.

Will the arrival of an Apple outlet in Harrods bolster the company’s sales and scope or detract from their exclusive shopping experience in own branded stores? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.

Via: 9to5Mac