Apple to increase iTunes track previews to 90 seconds

Free iTunes clips to triple in length Apple declare

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Apple iTunes letter
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US iTunes users to get triple the length free clips

Apple is to extend the preview ‘clips’ of songs on iTunes from the current 30 seconds to a whopping minute and a half, the Cupertino company has revealed.

In a letter to record labels the iPod makers and leaders in digital music sales told those in the music biz it is to triple the time of clips available for free to iTunes users with the attitude of if you don’t like it, lump it more than slightly visible from the curt notice.

- Read Apple's iTunes letter sent to record labels: Click here

Currently only planned for implementation in the United States, Apple has declared that songs running more than 2 minutes 30 seconds in length will have their ‘clips’ increased to 90 seconds whilst tracks shorter than the cut-off point will remain with the current 30 second preview.

"We believe that giving potential customers more time to listen to your music will lead to more purchases," the document revealed to be Apple’s official line on the move to increased length previews.

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