Apple removes WikiLeaks app from App Store

App containing leaked cables lasts just four days

First Jobs bans porn, and now democracy-aiding app falls to Apple's Utopian vision.

Apple is getting a little political with its App Store censorship lately, the other week it booted out an app protesting against gay marriage, and now, perhaps more crucially, it has risked the ire of WikiLeaks by canning its iPhone app.

The app, which for $1.99, provided access to the leaked Embassy cables that caused all the recent hoo-ha and saw internet service providers such as Amazon throw the site of their servers.

The WikiLeaks app only went up on 17th December, but now it is nowhere to be seen with no explanation from Apple as to why it chose to pull it.

It represents a pretty ballsy move from Apple. Does the company really want WikiLeaks 'hacktivists', so enraged by the site's treatment from the online gatekeepers in recent weeks, snooping around the Cupertino servers and potentially uncovering some embarrassing secrets?

The app hadn't exactly garnered top reviews, with many downloaders criticising it for a lack of depth, but that doesn't alter the fact. Apple has joined the growing number of highly influential web bods to declare war on WikiLeaks.

Link: WikiLeaks (via PC Pro)