Apple agrees to £1,700 refund

Apple says it to refund parents whose son spent £1,700 on free iPad game

Apple has said it will refund a couple whose child spent £1,700 on mico-transactions in a free iPad game

UPDATE: Apple has said it will refund the Kitchen family the whole £1710.43 their son inadvertantly spent on an iPad game.

ORIGINAL STORY: If ever there was an argument to make sure parents know what their child is playing on an iPad - this is it. Greg and Sharon Kitchen have found themselves staring at a £1,700 bill from the iTunes store after their son, Danny, racked up the amount on micro-transactions.

According to an article in The Metro, Greg and Sharon Kitchen gave Danny the password to his father's iTunes account after he asked if he could download a game called Zombie vs Ninjas.

"On Sunday afternoon Danny asked my husband for the pass code. We had lots of visitors in the house and were both a little preoccupied," said Mrs Kitchen. "I recall my husband saying 'No, what is it for?. Danny said 'it's okay, it's a free one dad', so my husband keyed in the pass code.

"Later on in the day I received a phone call from the credit card people asking if 19 transactions of £69.99 each were normal. Much to my horror, my son had clocked up £1,329," she said. "And two days later, I'd received more emails taking the bill up to £1,700."