Apple patent reveals touch-free gesture controlled iPhone UI

Future iPhone and iPads could feature Kinect style gesture controls, patent hints

Future iPhone and iPad iterations could feature Microsoft Kinect style gesture controls, a newly leaked Apple patent has suggested

The Apple patent lawyers have been at it once again offering tantalising glimpses of the potential future of gadgets coming from Cupertino with a new Apple patent outlining the company’s plans to introduce motion sensing gesture controls to its range of portable devices.

Combining the gesture controls with a new 3D graphical user interface the latest Apple patent doing the rounds suggests future iPad and iPhone devices could see users scrolling through menus and selecting desired content simply by gesticulating at an array of inbuilt proximity sensors.

With the iPhone 4S already allowing users to manipulate and control certain aspects of their handset using the currently exclusive voice commanded personal assistant Siri, the latest reports suggest in the future Apple will further enhance this selection of intuitive navigational commands introducing touch less interfacing.

Taking hints from the likes of Microsoft’s controller free motion gaming peripheral Kinect the Apple patent filling suggested that gestures “made a distance above a touch sensitive display” could be detected by sensors and relayed into navigational movements.

What technology would you most like to see introduced in to future iPhone and iPad iterations? Would gesture based motion controls be anywhere near the top of that list? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: 9to5Mac