Apple may unleash FaceTime over 3G

Apple-to-Apple video chats could soon be be free of Wi-Fi only restrictions

Is Apple about to release the Wi-Fi only shackles placed on the FaceTime video call app? A hint within iOS 5.1.1 suggests plans are afoot.

A warning notification discovered within the latest version of iOS has hinted that Apple may be about to open up FaceTime video chats over 3G.

Currently the Apple-to-Apple free video chat app only works over Wi-Fi between iOS devices and Mac OS X computers.

However, a Romanian Apple website iDevice has stumbled across a hint, which suggests that is about the change. When a user attempts to turn off 3G connectivity during an active call, the notification reads: "Disabling 3G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 3G?"

AppleInsider followed-up and found that when you attempt to turn it back on, a new notification reads: "Enabling 3G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to enable 3G?"

While that may sounds like a spurious anomaly, in the wild and wacky world of Apple rumours, this is a surefire sign that within a couple of weeks, maybe as soon as WWDC on June 11th. Maybe.

Via: AppleInsider