Apple Maps on iOS 6: Cupertino responds to criticism

Firm tells users: ‘we’re still working on it’

Apple Maps on iOS 6 was met by a barrage of criticism this week, prompting Cupertino to release a statement in defence

Apple has responded to widespread criticism of its new mapping application in iOS 6, claiming the service is still in its infancy and will be developed off the back of customer feedback.

Earlier this week, when the iOS 6 update was publicly released, scores of technology journalists and Apple users poured scorn over the firm's Maps app, citing poor performance, warped 3D models and missing locations as their main bugbears.

The negative feedback prompted Apple to release the following statement: “Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service. We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration.

“We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Despite being billed as one of the iPhone 5’s key USPs, the service has failed to win over fans - unlike the handset it debuted on. It’s an embarrassing outcome for Apple, who ditched Google from its mapping data earlier this year.

And, in true competitor fashion, the search giant is making the most out of the negative press – by reportedly releasing its own mapping application for the iOS 6 platform, according to the Guardian. If true, it could be one of the toughest challenges Apple will have faced in years.

Via Guardian, KnowYourMobile