Apple looking to bring multiple accounts for iPad users

Cupertino hints iOS 6 could make iPads a family affair

iPad users have long complained that they're unable to have separate accounts for other users in the house. Apple has suggested it is working on a fix that may arrive with iOS 6

Apple is actively investigating the possibility of allowing multiple user accounts for iPad users, a company developer has revealed.

The iPad has traditionally been a one-per-user device in terms of iTunes accounts, apps, email and more, but the company is now looking to respond to fan and developer demands to have more than one log-in per iPad.

In an emailed reply to a developer from a member Apple's Worldwide Developer Relations group, purportedly says the issue is known to the company and a solution could be in the works.

"After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering," the email reads.

Allowing more than one log-in would give each user their own set of applications as well as content from iTunes. Users could also log-in to their own Facebook and email accounts without the risk of snooping from other members of the household.

The response will also lead to speculation that Apple plans to introduce such a feature at WWDC on June 11 when the company is widely expected to launch iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.