Apple iPhone 5 to add FM radio receiver patents reveal

New visual radio mapping system patented by Apple

Apple patent reveals radio for iPhone plans

Apple looks set to bring AM, FM and Satellite radio to the upcoming iPhone 5 after the fruity tech giant filed a patent for radio mapping on its market leading handset.

The patent, which was approved last week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, would see the iPhone finally receive standard AM and FM radio capabilities with an FM radio receiver added to the top right corner of the device.

Building on the standard scrolling list of available radio stations, the Apple patent highlights the company’s plans to introduce a unique radio station mapping system that would allow users to locate available stations and make their selections via the closest or strongest signal options.

The Apple radio for iPhone patent adds to speculation of an integrated SIM being implemented in the fifth gen iPhone and was joined by a second notion from Cupertino that hints towards the imminent arrival of a radio peripheral card for the current range of MacBooks.

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