Apple iPad makes up 95% of tablet market share

Apple dominating the burgeoning tablet playground

The latest market research suggests that Apple dominates the Tablet PC market.

Apple is controlling the majority of the Tablet PC market with a huge 95% stake. It's a success solely down to the iPad, which was released earlier this year and has driven Apple's charge to victory.

Considering the fact that these figures are from the third quarterly results alone shows how well the Apple iPad has done in its short time since release.

This could all change though, what with Samsung launching the 7-inch Galaxy Tab in the UK, while Dell and HP are soon to make big tablet debuts before Christmas.

That said, whilst Apple may own 95% of the Tablet PC market, Android has dropped from 2.9% to 2.3%, so the Google platform certainly has it's work cut out for it. Christmas will be the ultimate tablet showdown and only time will tell who will come out on top. What do you think will be the most popular Tablet this year? Let us know via our Twitter and Facebook pages.