Apple given access to unreleased Samsung gadgets

Courts force Sammy to hand over kit

Move is part of wide-ranging legal battle between the two tech giants.

Having slapped Samsung with a lawsuit claiming the Korean company’s Galaxy line ripped off the, “…technology, user interface and innovative style,” of its iOS devices, Apple has now been granted early access to five Samsung products which have yet to be released. The move is designed to see if Apple wants to proceed with an injunction to prevent the Samsung kit’s release.

The ruling, handed down by a Federal Judge in San Jose, means Samsung must give Apple phones including the Galaxy S2, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge, as well as the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. All these devices have been trailed extensively, but are yet to hit shelves.

Samsung had argued that this kit was not yet final and that Apple would not be able to sufficiently conclude if any infringements had been made. The judge threw this argument out, after pointing out the Samsung had given away 5,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1s at Google I/O earlier this month.

The Koreans have 30 days to give Apple the gear. While Apple is unlikely to seek an injunction, this proves that this is one big time tech lawsuit that’s only going to get more intense as the weeks and months pass.