Angry Birds on Android: Full version landing in Market today

Rovio's masterwork has ironed out the kinks, is ready for launch

Image 1 of 2 Rovio s revealing tweets
Rovio's revealing tweets
Image 2 of 2 Angry Birds Android
Angry Birds Android

Keep checking the Android Market for Rovio's iPhone hit

The news that one of the iPhone’s most popular games was coming to Android caused quite a stir when it was first announced a couple of months back. The Beta Lite version launched some weeks ago now, though, and most Android users have smashed its 15 levels into three-star obliteration.

If you’re among that number, fret not, as the full version with dozens more levels is se tot land on the Android Market… today. Yep, Friday 15th October marks the day that Android users the world over lose a vast amount of their spare time, and relationships crumble.

There will be 150 levels in total (before further updates), with the first 15 being different from those in the Lite version. The reason developer Rovio has take its time is to get the multi-tasking element right; the app will resume exactly as you left it if you leave to write a text or change song, etc.

- See Rovio's revealing tweets on the Angry Birds release date

We don’t know when it’ll go live, but keep your eyes fixed to the Android Market for what is surely set to be the platform’s biggest gaming title.