Nintendo 3DS: Best launch at E3 2010?

Did the 3DS steal the show from Kinect and the Move?

Round-up of the biggest announcements from the LA gaming expo

Gamers will surely be more than happy with the turn out at E3 2010 over the last few days, as the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo try to establish themselves once again as the leading innovators in the business.

Some of the new hardware has been ground-breaking, others simply necessary upgrades that should still be well appreciated by the masses. But what has been the best in show? Help us decide by surveying your eyes of the key E3 2010 announcements and leaving your comments below.

See below for our round-up of the biggest E3 2010 launches

Microsoft Kinect videos

The motion-sensing marvel previously known under its code name Project Natal, was formally introduced as Kinect. See the revolutionary kit in action with this brand new footage.

- Click here for new Microsoft Kinect videos

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Xbox 360 Slim: First impressions

Microsoft followed up Kinect by unveiling a leaner, much quieter Xbox 360. Find out if owners of the more portly console will need to upgrade to the Xbox 360 Slim.

- Click here for a first look at the Xbox 360 Slim

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Nintendo 3DS launches: First impressions

Concentrating its console efforts on portable gaming, Nintendo showed off the 3DS with 3D gaming minus the specs the notable new feature. Find out what else the 3DS has in store.

- Click here for a first play with the Nintendo 3DS

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Sony PlayStation Move and 3D gaming

We've already seen Sony's answer to the Nintendo Wii in action, but the gaming giants showed off a raft of Move games to accompany it and plenty of 3D games to tuck into in the coming months.

- Click here for PlayStation Move and 3D gaming news

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E3 2010 rumours: What to expect

Speculation over the key E3 launches went into overdrive this year. See which of those 'trusted sources' have reason to celebrate for predicting the big announcements.

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