Apple Watch Series 6 luxury edition: would YOU pay $45k for an Apple Watch?

If you didn't think the Apple Watch 6 was expensive enough, take a look at this gold and diamond edition

Apple Watch Series 6
(Image credit: Caviar)

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a fantastic smartwatch packed full of features, but its premium price tag is enough to make even Apple fans baulk. So this special $45k edition isn't for the feint of wallet!

Luxury brand Caviar has given the new smartwatch a luxury makeover, in a similar fashion to the iPhone 12 and the $46k Warrior Collection, so if the standard price of £799/$799/AU$1,349 for the Apple Watch 6 is pocket change for you, these limited editions might be right up your street. 

Caviar has lined up four different Apple Watch 6 models: Titanium, Total Black, Golden Black, and the massively blinged out Gold Diamonds. Titanium, and Total Black are both priced at $3,980 (approx £3,030/ AU$5,480), Golden Black at $4,420 (£3,365/ AU$6,085), and the Gold Diamonds at $45,080 (£34,319/ AU$62,064).

There are 99 pieces available of each, with the exception of the most expensive edition, of which there are only five. 

Your money is getting you a titanium case with titanium bolts, and a crocodile leather strap in the first three instances, while the Gold Diamonds edition kicks things up a notch with an 18-karat gold case, and 109 "sparkling diamonds" although it doesn't state the quality.  

Caviar often releases ostentatious iterations of Apple products, and presumably someone is buying them. Even if the $45k is out of your price range, you can always go for the budget $4k options and still make a statement. Or stick with the base model for a little under a grand.