Solve Dyson's cryptic puzzle and possibly win a job

Think Crystal Maze with fans, vacs, and hair dryers.

Dyson plans to hire 3000 people globally in the next three years and to attract the best talent the company has set up a fiendishly difficult puzzle in London.

The Smart Rooms are a series of themed spaces encoded with cryptic software-based challenges. Dyson says, “The four stages will test applicant’s tenacity, ingenuity and problem-solving approach.”

The participants will only advance to the next room once they solve the problem in the current room. 

The winners will each receive a Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner, signed by James Dyson.

Obviously we can't show you what the rooms look like, as that would ruin it for the participants, but here's a little teaser video:

The pop-up challenge will run on the 4th and 5th of February. Applications are now closed, but you can join in at home with the interactive Twitch Channel between 10am – 8pm on both days. 

“Dyson’s ambitions are enormous. The Smart Rooms have been designed to reward those willing to relentlessly question convention, to find new solutions for everyday problems. Only the bold need apply.” Max Conze, Dyson CEO.

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