Purple mattress delivers knockout saving for Black Friday – up to $500 off!

You'll be sleeping on air with this excellent Black Friday deal from Purple

Purple deal
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The Purple mattress Black Friday sale is here! There will likely be no better time to kit out your dream bedroom. In an enormous range of offers, you'll net yourself up to $500 off a mattress and sleep bundle, or up to $300 off just a mattress. Plus, you can even get up to 20 per cent off gift ideas. Get ready, there's a lot to explain.

Exactly how much you save will depend on the products you choose, but the biggest discount comes with the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress (a rival to our pick of the best mattress) and the largest bundle, which is comprised of two Harmony Pillows, one Set of Purple Sheets and a Mattress Protector. With $300 off the mattress and $200 off the bedding bundle, that's a cool $500 discount. 

Purple sale: Up to $500 off mattresses and bundles
Double discounts:
Save up to $300 on mattresses ($300 off Hybrid Premier Mattress, $200 off Hybrid Mattress, $100 off Purple Mattress, $50 off Kid Mattress) and $200 on bundles (discount dependent on size of bundle). Add the two together to create up to a $500 discount! This matches the biggest deal we've seen at Purple. Get everything you need to kit out the bed of your dreams.
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In the market for gifts? Gift bundles include Cozy Bed, Cute Kid and Comfy Home – with three price points for each (the more expensive, the more included in the bundle). You get discounted from 10 per cent for the lowest price bundle, 15 per cent for the medium and 20 per cent for the priciest one!

If that wasn't enough, there's a buy more, save more deal for those who don't want a bundle – purchase one item to get 10 per cent off, two items to get a 15 per cent discount and there's a whopping 20 per cent off four items or more. Woah.

If you're not sure Purple is for you, check out our guide to the best Black Friday mattress deals around, which is regularly updated with the very best deals.

Purple sale: Up to 20% off gift bundles
Save on holiday gifts: Choose between
Cozy Bed, Cute Kid and Comfy Home bundles including products like pillows and sheets. Each bundle comes at three sizes, with 10 per cent off the smallest size, 15 per cent off the medium sized and 20 per cent off the most expensive bundle. View Deal

Purple sale: Buy more, save more on individual items
Save up to 20%:
If you don't fancy a bundle, worry not as you can buy individual items to get a discount, too. Get 10 per cent off one item, 15 percent discounted from two, and buy four items (or more) to get a massive 20 per cent off.  View Deal

Tagged as 'the bed that broke the internet', Purple has thousands of delighted reviews. It's the Purple Grid that is responsible for the  game-changing performance, a feature that relieves pressure points on the body – whatever position you sleep in. Actively cooling, the Purple range is perfect for anyone that gets hot at night.

Most affordable is the Purple Mattress, which is still our recommendation for most sleepers. But the Hybrid Mattress range is built to be even more luxurious. The Purple Hybrid Mattress has more layers, and the Hybrid Premier goes one step further, with a thicker grid. Need more information? See our in-depth Purple mattress review.

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