5 ways I’m using the Amazon Echo Hub to adapt to the clock change

How to use your smart speaker or smart display to better handle the clocks going forward

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This Sunday, the clocks go forward in the UK. When the clocks spring forward by an hour at 1am, we’ll be in British Summer Time (BST), meaning we’ll get lighter evenings and (what feels like) longer days. However, this upcoming clock change also means we’ll lose an hour of sleep.

You might not think losing an hour of sleep will make that much difference, but it can leave you feeling lethargic, irritable and exhausted for up to a few days after the clocks change. Aside from going to sleep an hour earlier and avoiding caffeine too close to bed, I’ve also been looking for ways to use my best smart speaker to help adapt to the new time.

I recently got the Amazon Echo Hub, and it’s made organising my daily schedule much easier. With its many smart features and Alexa assistance, I spoke to Meryem Tom, UK Managing Director at Amazon Alexa, and found five ways to use the Echo Hub to help better adapt to the clocks going forward this year.

1. Set a reminder that the clocks are changing

One of the things I use my Echo Hub for the most (see my Echo Hub review for more details) is setting timers and reminders. I like to think I’m a very organised person, but I’m always slightly worried I’m going to miss something so having my Echo Hub remind me makes my life easier and stress-free. To stop you forgetting the upcoming clock change, you can ask Alexa to remind you. Do this simply by saying “Alexa, remind me about the clock change on Saturday evening”. This will prompt Alexa to ask you what time you’d like to be reminded before setting the reminder.

2. Create a bedtime routine with Alexa

Creating your own personalised bedtime routine can make unwinding after a long day much more seamless and relaxing. With the clock change in mind, you can “ask Alexa to set a reminder 15 minutes before you normally go to bed and automate your bedtime routine at your preferred time to signal it’s time for bed to help your body acclimate to the new time”.

Amazon Echo Hub

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3. Time my smart lights

With my Echo Hub, I have a Philips Hue smart bulb connected to it so I can customise my lighting using Alexa and via the touchscreen display. Connecting your smart lights to Alexa can make adapting to the time change even easier. With an Alexa-compatible smart smart display or speaker, you can ask them to gradually dim the lights when you’re ready to go to sleep, and slowly turn on as the sun rises to ease into your day. Acting in a similar way to the best wake up lights, your smart home hub can help regulate your circadian rhythm so you’re less affected by the loss of sleep.

4. Set the right sleep environment

One of the rules for good sleep hygiene is to create the perfect sleep environment for you. While technology should be left out of the bedroom if you’re trying to get to sleep, your smart speaker can help set a soothing tone that indicates to your brain and body that it’s time to get some rest. For example, “Alexa can turn off your smart connected electronics, lock your smart lock, turn off the lights, play sleep sounds and more. Simply say “Alexa, enable my good night routine “and personalise it to your needs in the Alexa app,” says Tom.

5. Adjust my smart thermostat’s temperature

Temperature plays a big role in terms of helping you fall asleep. Regulating your temperature and sleeping in a cooler room between 16-18°C can help you drift off quicker and sleep more deeply. If you have one of the best smart thermostats, you can ask Alexa to adjust your thermostat settings to create a more cooling and comfortable sleep environment.

For more tips, check out these 6 expert-approved sleep hacks to tackle the clock change.

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