PS5 announcement is TOMORROW, reveals major UK game retailer

Get ready to finally find out PS5 details we're desperate for

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UPDATE: PS5 announcement today: what to expect

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Sony has been keeping the details of the PS5 release date and price under wraps since the console's reveal, and despite scheduling a week of PS VR announcements this week the company has remained adamant that it won't be dropping any PS5-related news.

However, UK retailer Game has spilled the beans on a surprise reveal set for September 9, confirming the rumours flying around earlier this week. 

GAME Guildford slipped up with a now-deleted tweet that told customers with PS5 pre-orders to "standby for updates" as Sony has a PS5 announcement locked and loaded for Wednesday, September 9 – the 25th anniversary of the North American launch of the original PlayStation. You can see a screenshot of the tweet below, captured by TheSixthAxis.

PS5 Twitter leak

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It would make sense for Sony to drop the news on the 25th anniversary of its first console, as opposed to letting the date slip by and scheduling the announcement for later in the month. 

An October event would be cutting it very close to the November release date, so all signs point to the big day being tomorrow. We don't have long to find out, but we're betting we'll finally find out how much the PS5 will cost tomorrow – a day after the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X price leak that puts the consoles at $299 and $499 respectively. 

Will Sony undercut Microsoft on either console edition? We should find out the answer tomorrow. 

Source: TheSixthAxis

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