The cheapest broadband deal in the UK has landed - and it comes from Plusnet

A ridiculously cheap broadband deal for anyone looking to score exceptionally low prices. Thanks Plusnet!

Plusnet broadband deal
(Image credit: Plusnet)

Broadband deals can have a lot of incentives thrown in - TVs, speakers, sports packages, and other similar fancy tech products. But for some, the best kind of internet plans are the absolute cheapest options.

Right now, Plusnet is the number 1 option for that, owning both the UK's cheapest ADSL and fibre plans. Plusnet's managed this through a combination of low costs and big Mastercard rewards.

For example, go with its ADSL plan and you'll pay £18.99 a month for speeds averaging 10Mb. While that is already one of the lowest prices out there, the £75 Mastercard on offer with it brings your costs down to an effective £12.74.

The same goes for the fibre plan. While it starts out at £22.99, it ends up at an effective £19.10 with the Mastercard. That price puts this way below other fibre plans and nearer to ADSL in price.

You can see both of these offers below:

Plusnet's cheap broadband only deal:

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband | 12 months | 10Mb avg speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £18.99 per month + £75 reward card
Here it is, the UK's cheapest broadband deal! It costs just £18.99 a month which is already one of the lowest prices out there. However, when you throw in the £75 Mastercard, the effective cost that you're paying drops down to just £12.74 - an exceptionally low price for internet, even at this speed.View Deal

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband | 18 months | 36Mb avg speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £22.99 per month + £70 reward card
Plusnet also has the cheapest prices around when it comes to fibre. Your monthly bills jump up to £22.99 a month but your speeds become 36Mb. When you take into account the Mastercard, just like the above you'll cut your effective cost way down. The price becomes £19.10 a month.View Deal

Obviously Plusnet isn't the only internet plan out there but it is without a doubt the best ADSL tariff. When it comes to fibre, there are other deals that offer some pretty significant value.

Virgin for example can score you speeds averaging 108Mb. It costs £24 a month and comes with a £50 Amazon voucher. This is one of the best value choices when it comes to fibre.

BT also comes near the top when it comes to great fibre plans. It's Fibre 1 offer comes with £27.99 a month bills and an £80 Mastercard. That scores you speeds averaging 50Mb.